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ATC Coin Founder

ATC Coin Founder / Promoter

ATC Coin FounderNow you must be thinking that who is promoting ATC Coin, so let us know few things about ATC Coin promoter.

ATC Coin is founded and being promoted by Sh. Subhash Jewria.

  • He started his first business of LPG Cylinder Bottling Plant in 1993
  • In 1997 Started Selling first Private Insurance Sector in MLM
  • In 2004 he tied-up with the online portal of Indian Railways – IRCTC –as the first agent offering cash cards and online ticketing services new venture as “One Stop Shop”.
  • Being a great marketer, he has traveled 22 countries for various meetings.
  • Many more like Jewaria Venture, Done Card  (Cash Card), My Life Bazaar, My Money Seva etc
  • And now he is making Crypto-Currency available to the people of India.

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