Working Plan

ATC Coin Business / Benefit Plan

From ATC Coin Plan, you will have Amazing Business Opportunity in the Crypto-Currency World with their simple Refer and Earn Program.

Suppose when you sponsor someone to purchase ATC Coin and the referral process continues you will earn as per the following mentioned below.

To qualify for income of a certain level you need to have certain numbers of qualified members in that level as mentioned below . There is no limit to the number of person one person can sponsor in this business plan.

There are Four types of Incomes with ATC Coin Plan

1) Direct Level/Referral Income (10%)

When any person directly sponsored by you in this Business, will be at your First Level and you will get 10% commission of their Package Amount as Direct Level/Referral Income.

Example : If your sponsored person purchased ATC Coin worth Rs.5,000/- then you will get Rs.500/- as Direct Level/Referral Income.

2) Level Income

  • You have an opportunity to earn Level Income up to 100 level by doing business yourself or your downline team.
  • Level Income will distribute against deposit amount.
  • Daily Closing

As of now ATC Coin Plan giving level income as below :-

3) Direct Growth Income – ROI (10%)

  • You will get 10% of purchased ATC Coin monthly start from next day of deposit confirmation.
  • It will credit after 30 days of Deposit Confirmation
  • It will be credit till 18 months and will show on Member’s I-Wallet.

Example : If you have purchased 1000 ATC Coin then you will get 100 ATC Coin every-month till 18 months.

4) Growth Level Income:

Suppose members direct growth income (of their own investment) is 10% of 5000 i.e. 500.  Now Growth Level Income will distribute against Direct Growth Income means 500 will distribute up to 100 levels according to below mention figures.  This is an amazing/passive income from ATC Coin Plan, where if you have made a team you will be earning every month.

5) Reward  :

atc coin business plan